Sunday, January 27, 2013

These People Have Touched My Heart

This week was a little different! I'll write about one highlight. I got to go on my last visit to Malaysia, to spend some time helping the senior couple in Johor Bahru (this is a regular thing that all the Singapore missionaries do). I was there for two days, and we got to teach some recent converts that Sister Crichton taught! The picture I've attached is of Sister Kimon. She and I got along really well. She's Iban, but she also speaks beautiful Malay, so the senior couple taught a lesson about the Temple and I helped translate (along with some of the Johor Elders, who came as well). 

I wish I could describe to you the feelings I had as I was there. To be in this environment again... to be in Malaysia, with its people, speaking its language. To be in such a humble home of a sweet new member. That night we visited the home of a member of the bishopric, and taught about the priesthood (again, I translated for the senior couple with Elder Tice and Elder Mayo), and I shed a few tears that came as I realized this was my last lesson with a Malaysian. These people have touched my heart. I'm so grateful to have had a small part in their reception of the restored Gospel of Christ. I'm grateful that God loved me enough to send me here.

Sister Gopinath

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