Monday, February 4, 2013

Tender Mercies

This week was different. I spent most of it sleeping and trying to recover. I was blessed to be able to go out after three days and teach a lesson with Sister Ballantyne, though I barely made it through the lesson and even then, I only made it through that lesson successfully because of divine help. My head was so "clogged" and I was so drowsy (my ears were even stuffed so I couldn't hear) but somehow I was able to teach and Sister Ballantyne said that the investigator opened up a lot more than he had their first lesson. So that was a miracle. We talked about the Book of Mormon, and receiving answers to prayers. Even through my fog of sickness, I could feel the Spirit guiding the lesson and what I was saying/asking. I felt happy to teach, and also happy to go to bed that night. Tender mercy.

Church yesterday was great as well. Arnie, an investigator I talked about a few months ago, has decided he wants to send missionaries to his family (his family is moving to Ohio very soon) and he wants to all be baptized together. It is a steep goal but it's a breakthrough because he came out and told us that himself, without us probing at all. He was saying how he comes to church every week and learns something new every time. He also faithfully attends Institute every week with his girlfriend (a member), and finds it very inspiring and enriching. It's taken him over a year, but he's now come out and said that he'd like to be baptized. Now we have to work on his family and help him with any concerns that come out of that, but it's such progress from where he's been. I was so happy and excited. 

I will save all of the mushy and painful feelings about leaving soon for the next email. Haha. It hasn't really, really hit me. I still feel like a missionary. At church, I felt and acted like I always do. I'm grateful to be here.

Sister Gopinath

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