Monday, January 7, 2013

Epic Day!

Best day of the week was Saturday! It was an epic day to be a missionary, as my companion put it so well. We met with two new investigators who are amazing. One is named Gus, whose wife and tiny children are all strong and active members in the church. He has decided since coming to work here (his family is still in the Philippines) that he wants to know for himself. He has been touched by the influence of the Church in the lives of his children, and told us that he wants to follow the example of his little children (they are 4 and 2) and become as a child before God. He has already made up his mind that he wants to join the church--not for his wife, but for himself and for God. He's fantastic. We're meeting him again soon and going to help him stop smoking.

Also, our EQ President street contacted a woman named Katrina, who has no experiences with our church, but is so sensitive to the Spirit. We met her and just began the lesson, and the Spirit entered the room and touched her heart. She was in tears and told us she doesn't know why she was crying. We talked about the Holy Ghost and talked about a lot of things. It was so cool, because we'd planned to teach her the Restoration, but the Spirit was strongly telling both me and Sister Black that we needed to teach the Plan of Salvation. It was a beautiful experience. We're hopefully meeting her again tonight. It's lessons like that when I most love being a missionary. I treasure this time.

Sister Gopinath

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