Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Miracle Week in Cheras

So another miracle week. You know how I dreamed about how we would invite Devi to be baptized? Well, we did it, and it happened just like my dream, only better. We taught the doctrine of baptism and he understood well. He was looking at the ground thinking, and I asked him, "Would you follow Jesus Christ by being baptized?" He then looked me in the eyes and said, "Of course!" as if he'd just been waiting for someone to ask. We told him what needs to happen and we made a plan for him to quit smoking. He is amazing. Yesterday we met him again and he told us, "I love Jesus. Not [just] now--long time already. If I no meet you, I don't know how to follow--I don't know anything. Now is my chance. Now is my time to get [on] my straight path to God." I feel so privileged to be teaching him. Oh, also we gave him a Book of Mormon this past weekend and he is already halfway through Mosiah. That's right.

We also had another miracle in that someone named Anton called us and wanted to meet up. We both had no idea who it was, only that in the phone his named was saved as an investigator. So we met him at a park, and found out that he was a former investigator who could name off all of these missionaries--he told us he "was supposed to be baptized" but it didn't happen because he couldn't come to church for a while, and he got lost after some missionary transfers (which is frustrating). But we talked to him more and invited him to be baptized again. He made sacrifices to come to church on Sunday and he has been diligently reading the Book of Mormon. 

Also, we have a baptism coming up this Sunday. :) Anton, the sweet Chinese man who works at McDonald's. He had his interview last night at the church, and there were strong feelings of love in that building. We are really excited for him. On Sunday he packed and brought a sandwich from home to church so he wouldn't have to go out and buy anything after church. He has great faith.

Life is great. We have some things good things that are going to be happening.

So now... spiritual thoughts? I heard an analogy-story this week that left an impression on me. There was a man who worked for a train station, and a fork in the road at which the train tracks split. He was in charge of flipping the switch whenever certain trains came, so they would go in the right direction. One day the train was coming, so he flipped the switch. But soon he noticed that something wasn't right--there was a piece of the track that was out of place, and would be a disaster if the train ran into that track--all the people on the train would die. So he ran outside to manually pull the track into its proper place and hold it there until the train passed. The train was approaching, and as he was holding the track he noticed his young son on the track a little way off. He was now faced with the decision of whether to hold the track together and save all the people on the train, or save his son and let all the people on the train die. He chose to save the people on the train. His son was killed, and everyone on the train lived. But no one on the train realized what had happened. No one had seen the little boy playing on the track, and no one noticed the father lying on the side of the track weeping.

This is like our Heavenly Father, who sacrificed His Son, Jesus Christ. Imagine how He feels when we don't recognize or believe in or partake of the Sacrifice that was made for each one of us. How must He feel when we don't think about that Sacrifice every single day of our lives. That because of Jesus Christ and what he was subjected to, each of us may live. 

Romans 8:32-39. 

The main difference with this story is that in real life, that Son rose again three days later. I know that He lives and through Him and the Infinite Love of Him and His Father, we can be free and live forever, if we will but follow Him.

Sister Gopinath

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