Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pictures of Kuala Lumpur Area Missionaries March 2012

Pictures, she sent pictures.  Of course someone else took them.  Why did we buy her a camera?  She is in the blue dress, front and center.

First Picture:  Mission Tour KL Ipoh Sisters Iban (the caption reads)
Second Picture:  Mission Tour IL Ipoh
Third Picture: Mission Tour Kuala Lumpur March 2012 Kampung Face
Fourth Picture:  Mission Tour Kuala Lumpur March 2012

I think some of the labels aren't right!


  1. Hello Sister Gopinath... thats the name I know you before I came across this site. There was something about the first time I saw you.. the grace and calmness.. I came back and searched for this name in google and here I am.. I'm this person you met today in the train on your way back to Jelatek. I'd taken the wrong train and had to get off within a station in between which we also had a conversation if I may call it. It was very nice meeting you.. Good luck for your mission - Jay

  2. I will email my daughter about your comment. Best wishes to you! Love, her mom