Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Their Entire Lives Are A Miracle

So I got "transferred" again, this time because it was normal transfer time.  I will not move apartments or cities, but I went from having the northern half of KL as my area to having the southern half.  So new branch, new companion.  My companion's name is Sister Pinkston, and she's cool.  She's from Southern California, has been a missionary for half the amount of time that I have, and she is awesome.  This is the first time I've been transferred that I haven't whitewashed, which will be super nice, and also this is the 3rd time I've been transferred in 4 weeks.  So... hopefully I stay here for a while. The branch is called Cheras. :)

The last few days have been incredible. We teach this recent convert named Johnson, he and his family are refugees from Pakistan.  He was a Christian all his life, and he found the church here in Malaysia through a member.  He has been touched by the love and care he received from the church members, and his commitment to the Gospel is so strong.  He leads his family--none of them are baptized yet (wife and two amazing boys) but we think it won't be long.  He brings them to church every week and teaches them.  Their family has been through SO much, and they have sacrificed EVERYTHING to stay together as a family.  Everything about them is a miracle. I wish you could meet this family, I wish I had the words to describe. They are the sweetest, warmest, happiest, strongest little family.  And they cook delicious Pakistani food for us, even though they have almost nothing.

This week we met mostly Iranian and Pakistani - as well as some Saudi Arabia and small surrounding countries - people (also one of our new members/best friends in the branch is from Iran) and they are AMAZING.  They are kind and warm and open and loving and family-oriented people.

Johnson and his family gave us a miracle also.  When we went to their house, we got there and Johnson said "We invited another family for you tonight, if that's okay."  Like that isn't every missionary's DREAM!  Their names are Nida and Zeeshan.  They are also Christian Pakistani refugees who have been in Malaysia for 2 months.  They have a small daughter.  They. are. amazing.  So humble and sweet and kind.  We had a lesson on strengthening our families, which seemed to ring true for them, and with great encouragement and support and testimony from Brother Johnson (there is a FIRE in that man), they came to church and felt they have found what they've been searching for, and basically asked if they could be baptized in a few weeks.  They made us write down the announcements from sacrament meeting so they could know the times/info for all the upcoming activities because they made up their minds that they want to be a part of it.  They requested copies of the Book of Mormon (p.s. they speak Urdu, so we gave it to them in Urdu!  Isn't that awesome?)  They are committed and incredible.  Their entire lifes is a miracle.  Everything about them is a miracle--the fact they're alive, they're here, they met Johnson and they met us.  Zeeshan didn't come from a Christian background but has had an unusual fascination with Jesus Christ since he was a small child.  He was the only one in his family--he has just always been interested and thinking about Jesus Christ.  So he became a Christian when he was studying in Ireland and has read the entire Bible. They are just the most incredible prepared family ever.  There was an instant love for them.

I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to be here, and I'm sad to leave this area but I'm excited for what's coming with the Cheras area.  I know more miracles are waiting to come about.

I know we have a Father in Heaven that guides us and hears and answers our prayers. We are in His hands every day. If we follow Him and hold onto Him and trust Him, it doesn't matter what happens to us--we will be guided, protected, and blessed and our lives will be sanctified.

Sister Gopinath

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