Thursday, May 3, 2012

Banyak KL Lagi (More from Kuala Lumpur)

So, good week! Anton got baptized on Sunday, and it was a really nice service. He was really ready. My favorite part was that he decided on his own to fast on his baptism day... wow, he is solid. He has such a good heart. He bore his simple and deep testimony after he was baptized, just saying, "I believe in Jesus, I believe the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon are true, and I will follow Jesus all my life." It was awesome. There were some investigators there who were really touched, and also members and missionaries who were touched as well :)

One of those investigators is another one named Anton; he is from Nigeria. He is great. He should be baptized in a few weeks, and he's been really making progress although we've only known him a short while. We have him a Book of Mormon and he has been reading it every day. We asked him if he's been praying about it, and he told us on Sunday that he feels like he got an answer. He said he was on the way to church that morning and thinking about it, and he just got a feeling that it was true and that he believed it. He then had a really good experience at church and also at the other Anton's baptism, which was after church. He called us after and told us that he got every Sunday off of work for the next month, and that he wants us to start seriously teaching him--texting him scriptures and questions every day so he can learn it all. We've got work to do. The Spirit of God works on people in ways that seriously do amaze me. 

We have another investigator named Donald, who is from Myanmar. He is good and just confused about all the many different doctrines he's been taught throughout his life. Interestingly enough, I think teaching him is the closest to teaching people in the US that I've experienced, from what I understand. He is educated and religiously experienced, an intellectual man, and just is trying to figure out whether or not Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and whether or not the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Our lessons consist of him asking us questions, reading us verses from the Book of Mormon that confuse him, and then us answering his questions with scriptures (or analogies/personal testimony). I've been amazed at how much the Spirit has helped us teach him. Always, something he says highlights a Gospel principle, and almost always a scripture comes to my mind, or to Sister Pinkston's mind. Neither of us are "scriptorians,"  so to say--we are definitely both more like the weak and humble category--but something always comes, something always  flows, so question after question gets answered. It's one of those things where before my mission, I would never have been seriously able to picture myself being able to do it. But the Lord cares enough to help us. Our lessons have all gone well so far, and he is reading and praying. He said on his own, "I don't know if Joseph Smith was a true prophet. I need to pray." My happiest moments in teaching are when the investigator makes a connection like that on their own. Very cool.

Life is good, KL is great... I love being a missionary. It's not without it's challenges, but like life in general, it's worth it in the end and you wouldn't actually change any of it. 

2 Nephi 25:29.

Sister Gopinath


  1. I've been frequenting your blog recently. Its interesting to know what you do. I'm also interested to know what do you do besides this missonary work?


  2. She will return to her regular student life after she completes her full-time mission in a few months. Sisters serve 18 months, and they are not paid to do it. The missions are funded by the sisters or their families, so it is quite a sacrifice. Male missionaries (Elders) serve 24 months. More information can be found on or

    Best wishes to you!
    Manisha's mom