Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Little Miracles

This week was certainly exciting! The biggest group of missionaries in the history of the Singapore Mission arrived. It was really exciting to be a part of.

I'm here with Sister Ballantyne, who is working on her culture shock. She is from Caldwell, Idaho... she was a BSU student. Enjoys writing fiction (suspense, fantasy), telling stories, and playing video games if she has nothing to do. So basically she is awesome. I'm excited to be with her. I feel a large sense of responsibility both for her and for the area. It requires a lot of me, and a lot of relying on the Lord. A lot of prayer. It really is an answer to my prayer to be training--it keeps me fresh and full of energy. I'm excited.

So in the last few months I have really been loving church! Yesterday two women came to the Filipino ward--they just showed up. One of them said she looked up the address on the internet and decided to show up. They were super nice, and one of them has investigated the church before. It's awesome to see little miracles like that occurring so often.

Mostly this week has been new missionary conferences and getting settled in. We've had some fun appointments, a lot in Malay so I'm getting used to being mostly in charge :) It's fun helping Sister Ballantyne get more comfortable and confident to express her testimony as we teach.

I am out of time again but I love the work and the Lord!

Sister Gopinath

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