Sunday, September 9, 2012

Now in Indonesian!

Unique spiritual experience!  Yesterday I had the most powerful experience I've had with fasting so far in my life. I decided to fast for 1) new investigators and 2) strength to be a missionary Heavenly Father can trust with the people He's been preparing. I don't know what was different this time, but I felt my faith strengthen and deepen as I fasted and I was sad when I had to break my fast that evening. I really did feel closer to the Spirit as I put my hunger aside so I could receive blessings from Heavenly Father. I felt Him close to me. And that day, 5 new people that we'd never met before came to church with their member friend (go members!!!). One of them cried during sacrament meeting because she felt it was true, which was amazing, but she doesn't live in Singapore so we now have a great referral for the missionaries in the Philippines... so I won't get to teach her but I was still so happy she came and I got to meet her! One girl came with our recent convert said she wants to meet with us. So yesterday we had a total of 6 contacted member referrals! That is one of the highest I've gotten in one day on my mission. I felt that it was all directly connected to my fast. I felt really grateful and happy and invigorated. YEAH MISSIONARY WORK!!! Can I just tell you that I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!!

This past Saturday, we went to a baptism of an Indonesian girl named Wendy who was amazing. She was raised Muslim, and also raised in a very rough home and has been mistreated her whole life. But she started working for a member family, and felt more love in that home than she'd ever experienced. She cried her first meeting with missionaries. She is absolutely adorable. Her testimony is so strong. She is feeling love for the first time. I get to teach her recent convert lessons! In Indonesian! YEAH! I love my life!

Sister Gopinath

P.S. Funny things about Singapore: 1) My bed is too short. My feet and my head both touch the ends of my mattress... me with my towering five feet and four inches. 2) We have a boatload of giant COCKROACHES in our apartment!  I am afraid to leave the bedroom at night for fear of what is crawling around in the kitchen or living room. Hooray for living in a big city... on the equator!

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