Sunday, September 30, 2012


This was a very BUSY week. I don't have time to write about everything that happened, so I'll pick just a few highlights...

So remember how I was fasting for new investigators? Blessings are coming. 

We met with a man named Julius. He was raised Catholic but became Baptist when he was a teenager. When he started college, he abandoned religion and went to Atheism, which he realized recently is also a religion :) So he is very lost and confused and has had a hard time in Singapore. When he met a missionary, he decided to give it a chance. He said that he'd lately been thinking about religion. 

We met with him and he opened up to us well. We testified of things that were relevant to his concerns and questions. His body language started off closed off and unsure, and he was always looking at the ground, but by the end of the lesson the Spirit was there in full force and he had opened up and you could tell from his uncrossed arms. He looked me in the eyes as I boldly testified of God's love for him and of how His arms are open and waiting to receive him. He accepted a soft baptismal invitation. He then gave the most sincere, open, and honest closing prayer I have heard in a very long time. It was a beautiful, spiritual experience. He came to church yesterday, and we are meeting him again tonight. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.

Also yesterday we had two miracle new investigators who accepted a baptismal date. We had met one of them--a woman named Amorata --before and we had an appointment with her after Church. A member's friend who came to Church heard about it and asked to join. We sat and talked of prayer, of prophets, and the Book of Mormon and they wept as we testified of the Book of Mormon. The Spirit was SO strong! They both accepted a tentative baptismal date for two months from now. I LOVE. BEING. A MISSIONARY.

I know that this Gospel is true, and that God knows and loves perfectly each one of us.

Sister Gopinath

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