Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sacred Responsibility

The most pertinent news is that transfers are happening this week... it's like I've received my death sentence! I am very blessed to be staying in the Third Ward (Filipino ward). It's exciting. I'm also going to be with a new companion--her name is Sister Black, and she's from Utah. I'm looking forward to it. 

This week hasn't been so eventful... we have been teaching Brother Julius about the priesthood, since he was ordained as a priest. I was so proud of him. He described the feelings he had as he was being ordained--he said that though he didn't understand everything that was involved with it, he felt that God was trusting him with a sacred responsibility and that he now wears an invisible badge on his chest that he has to uphold. I love the priesthood and I'm so grateful for the effect it has on the men that I know.

We've found a couple of new investigators, but they are all leaving Singapore for Christmas... it will be interesting to see how it goes. 

I forgot to mention that I met someone named Gopinath! He pulled me aside and told me his name was Gopinath. He was from southern India and I wish he had wanted to learn about the Gospel, but he wasn't interested... but that was the first time I've met someone with the same name as me. So it was cool :) haha.

I love the Gospel and I'm grateful to be a missionary. We have such a sacred responsibility as missionaries and also as members of this incredible church. I'm grateful for Temples as well and the blessings that come to us spiritually and as families because Temple ordinances have been restored.

The Savior lives!

Sister Gopinath

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