Sunday, December 16, 2012

God Makes Up the Rest

This week was an intense one with all the transfer things, visa issues, and helping Sister Lim (a missionary from Singapore going to the St. George Utah Mission) get her visa ready to leave for the States. I look forward to Zone Conference this week.

I also am really grateful for Sister Black. She came to me the first night and expressed her desire to work hard and to be obedient and to work on improving herself as a missionary. She is so humble and open and patient and kind. I'm really impressed with her pure heart. I'm really excited to work with her.

A cool miracle this week was that on Saturday night, I was feeling a little discouraged... we had gone out tracting and had trouble finding anyone in our area (Filipinos). I felt we had wasted time trying, and I was just feeling down and had lost some of my hope. But that night after we came home, I sat down to write in my journal, and the name "Ronan" popped into my head--the name of a man from the potential investigators list in the area book. I felt like I should give him a call right then and there, which I did, and he accepted the invitation to come to Church the next morning.

We picked him up from the train station to show him where the church was, and he is a good and humble man. He said he is a Catholic, but he is looking for some "peace of mind." When we walked up to the chapel, I told him, "This is the Church," I could suddenly feel the Spirit. He could feel it too. He really enjoyed sacrament meeting as well, and meeting the members of the Third Ward. He felt very at home. His wife and children are out of town for the holidays (he had to stay because of work), but when he come back he wants to bring them to church. 

It was a testimony to me that when we do everything within our power, God makes up the rest. When we push ourselves to our limits, the blessings come. He is excited to come again next week and we are excited to start teaching him. 

Sister Gopinath

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