Wednesday, August 8, 2012

An Entire Country Is My Area!

Today is my 3rd day in Singapore. I was really sad to leave KL--especially sad to leave Sister Noorda, who I love, and Jack, who has been really struggling lately and has been on his way back up. He's been an investigator I've been able to connect with in a really good way, and teach him just the way he needed to be taught. I care for him a lot. My last lesson with him was one of the hardest things I've done on my mission. Everyone held back tears until after we parted--ripped the bandaid off. It was one of those times when "God Be With You 'til We Meet Again" doesn't seem cheesy at all. I really do pray that God with be with him and my other investigators who I love as well. I feel nervous that I won't be there to keep teaching them and talking with them but I know that actually, they were never MY investigators to begin with. They belong to God. I would never have even met any of those people in the first place if it weren't for Heavenly Father guiding us and taking care of us and blessing us. I know that He will continue to do that for people like Jack and Deva and Dr. C and Freddy and for me as well. I'm so grateful that God placed me in the paths of these precious people and allowed me to play a small part in their journey back to Him.

So now I'm in Singapore, with Sister Anderson. She was born in Beijing but was adopted by her parents in America when she was a young girl. She is hilarious and great. 

Our area is ALL OF SINGAPORE, but we have a special assignment... we are in charge of two wards: the 1st Ward, which is an ex-patriot ward (Americans, Europeans, random other places), and the 3rd Ward, which is the Filipino Ward. So basically, Sister Anderson and I are in charge of finding and teaching people from the Philippines. Initially I had mixed feelings about not teaching Singaporeans, but I think the conclusion is that I'm pumped. All of the other missionaries are jealous--and they tell that to us. So it's great. Yesterday we met with an investigator named Jesus, we call him Brother Jesse. He's awesome! He's so prepared and going to be baptized in a few short weeks. He is the kind of person who finds it easy to believe the word of God. He is sensitive to the Spirit and very purehearted. I'm excited. I still just got here, really, but I've been told that Filipinos love the missionaries and love the Gospel so I should have a good time. I imagine that it's similar to being in the US, serving a Spanish-speaking mission in a very clean and safe Chicago (or whatever big city you want to pick). I'm excited to see how this goes. Also, in the 1st Ward we have a dinner calendar so we get fed American food 2 or 3x a week. :) So different than Malaysia!

Anyway that's mostly it. I am still adjusting to this change... Singapore is full of wealthy people, and the whole city is kind of like a shopping mall. It's a different mindset, and although it definitely feels Asian here, the mindset is a lot more Western. It's like being in a different mission. But I'm looking forward to serving here.

I know that God takes care of us and our families. He is real and He guides us and loves us. The Book of Mormon is true. We are each in His hands. He sent His Son to pave for us the path to peace and eternal life. 

Sister Gopinath

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