Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Small Part in His Work

This week... it's been good. We've met a lot of people, even people who would meet with us, but it's hard because they are all so overwhelmed with work. People from the Philippines are mostly housemaids that work 12 hours or more every day, with on average 1 or 2 off days a month. They are all exhausted, and a lot of them are struggling emotionally... so we've met a lot of people who we feel would accept the Gospel, but maybe right now it's not their time. We're still working on finding the people whose time is now. 

The other day I contacted a family from Switzerland while doing door approaches. This is noteworthy because western-culture people are generally very rude to us missionaries, so it's intimidating to talk to them in general, but I didn't feel scared at all as I bore testimony of the Savior and of eternal families. They didn't want to learn more, but it was a personal victory to be able to testify boldly and feel no fear. Someday they will know.

Success/highlight of the week: Brother Jesse got baptized yesterday! It was the sweetest baptismal service ever. His good friend Jenny (she was the one who first invited him to church and has been there for everything) gave a talk on baptism, and talked about his example has impacted her life. She said, "Never once did I see in him any doubt or fear about anything. Only faith." She was close to tears the entire time as she bore testimony of the Gospel and the blessings that baptism has brought to her life. Jesse really is an amazing example--what Jenny said about him is true. He is full of faith, not fear. His heart is soft and he finds it easy to believe the word of God. He is a great man. I can see him in the Elders Quorum Presidency soon.

Then we watched the baptismal ordinance. I have been to many baptisms on my mission. The Spirit of God is always there. This time, when we saw brother Jes go down into the water, God's Spirit pierced my heart. The image of them standing there in the font, heads bowed in reverence and solemnity, touched my heart. When I got my mission call, it came with a booklet full of information about my mission. On the cover is a picture of a man being baptized. That image came to my mind--I felt I was looking at the real-life version of that image, and I cried. Brother Jesse's heart is so humble and sincere and willing to do whatever God requires of him. He is on the path home to His Father's kingdom. He's on the path to the Temple. (We are trying to get him and Jenny together... hehe.)

I feel so privileged that God let me come here and get to play a small part in His work. Times like these remind me why I am here and what we are really trying to do. I love being a missionary and I'm excited for whatever is next. I feel that there's something good coming around the corner.

Sister Gopinath

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