Thursday, March 15, 2012

Imagine me on a zipline - whee!

Hey! So we just got back from doing this crazy Zone activity... we went to a ropes course/zipline thingy in Shah Alam, about an hour from Puchong. It was intense and way fun, a huge group of sweaty missionaries climbing and ziplining through a rainforest! I wish I could have taken more pictures. It was sweet. We even saw monkeys. Now I am so exhausted. Hopefully I can write something that makes sense... This week was good! Things that have been on my mind lately include the following:

We are still trying to figure out the area--we have found a few good places to find people, but a lot of the area here is very high-security (basically every apartment complex) and the non-secured areas seem to be really dangerous. Haha. But we are slowly figuring it out.

The other day I sat by an African on the bus and all he did was bother me and try to get me to go out with him for a drink. He was behaving like a complete fool. But at that same time, Sister Jensen was sitting right in front talking to an African man with an incredibly sincere heart (I could overhear the conversion). We are meeting him soon. He's Christian and always goes to church but keeps switching churches because he's looking for the truth... family is so important to him, and he is close with his mom and follows her counsel even though he is already 27. He was awesome. It was great to meet someone honest and trying to do what is right and who loves God and loves their family.

Also, we've done quite a bit of contacting lately, as our plans fall through rather consistently :) I have always disliked contacting people on the street/knocking on people's doors, because it's not very effective and not fun either, but sometimes that's all you can do--plan C is the only option. So we do it. And I'm starting to hate it less. I always dislike the idea but once you start doing it, it starts getting fun. And when people slam the door in your face or make rude hand gestures when you say the name "Jesus Christ," it's not discouraging anymore--a lot of times it's funny because it's cliche. So it helps a lot to 1) see the humor in daily life, because there is a LOT of it and it can bless you as you see it! And 2) to just work. Just do it and it'll feel good at the end of the day if you tried your best, no matter how it turned out.

I feel like on my mission I'm learning a lot of things that I've heard people talk about. Patience, faith, humor, hard work, love, etc... so many things.  But the thing is that I never really knew what they were talking about until I came out here and felt it myself. I didn't realize how much growing up I have to do. This is the best place I could be right now. I know that for sure.

Also the other day, a guy whose door we knocked on asked if I really believed in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, if I really believed that He died for all of my sins, if I really believed that he rose again on the third day. He was skeptical. I was able to respond to him with power beyond my own that I know with all of my heart and then some, even all of my soul, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He is my Savior because of the infinite sacrifice He made for me. I know and feel that with everything I am. I have discovered that on my mission more deeply. I have felt personally the effects of His Atonement on my life individually. I know it's real.

I know He lives.

Sister Gopinath

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