Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chills, Chills, Chills

Hey!  So another crazy week in Puchong...  Can I just say that the branch is amazing here? There are so many strong people united as families in the church.  And the young men are so strong.  It's like a small army of Helaman.  On Sunday the YM sang a special musical number, and I got chills...  I think the young men here make up about 20% of the branch.  God's kingdom is in good hands.  They are faithful and support each other in righteousness.  They are going to be there for each other and encourage one another as they make their own decisions to serve missions.  They are going to be leaders in their future families, communities, the Church...  with their humility, strength, love, patience, faithfulness.  So awesome. 

We have been sharing this video with members lately:

It's sweet.  I love the part when the one boy says that he wants to show the prophet that there's a rising generation of youth that can be relied on.  I can't believe I am old enough now to recognize the truth of this (21 is old!), but youth really are so, so important and valuable.  They are some of the most amazing people ever.  And it gives me peace in my heart to see them.  I feel a lot of respect and reverence for them and I feel that God trusts them and values them and has been saving them because of how special they are.  They are pure and good in a world that is not.  They are a shining light.  They carry the light of Christ.  They are preparing this part of the world to receive a Temple of God, just as Ukraine did in 2010.  We are working on that goal, and they are building this country toward that amazing day that will someday arrive.  (It has been prophesied by Elder Bednar that before my generation is gone, there will be a Temple dedicated here.)  Gives me chills. 

The Temple is so insanely cool.  I miss it a lot.  Here, we talk about it nearly every day because we always talk to Chinese people, to whom ancestors are very much treasured.   I know that families really can be together forever in heaven, through sacred ordinances received in God's Temple.  Families are central to God's plan.  We can be sealed with our families (dead spouses, children, parents, ancestors we have never met) -- through Jesus Christ and the way He's paved for us, no one will be lost.  This is so amazing to me! The Temple is the most amazing place.  Every time I even watch that video or pictures of the temple, I feel the familiar peace, serenity, whiteness, purity in my heart.  Go to the Temple as often as you can.

Also something amazing about China: Elder Perkins, an area Seventy here, came here 2 weeks ago (sorry I didn't write about it before now) and a missionary asked him about China being closed to Christianity and missionaries--when he thought China would open.  He said, "In my opinion, China is already open.”  He then explained that in Malaysia, just like many countries, the Gospel is coming to the most humble people and strengthening them and stretching them, but it's hard to find solid leadership when the Church is that young.  "God is doing China differently," Elder Perkins said.  There are people from mainland China who leave to study in other countries--he mentioned places such as England, France, even Hong Kong etc.--and there, they learn about their Savior, Jesus Christ for the first time, feel the fire of God, and are baptized.  These are China's best and brightest people.  They are in areas where the Church is strong, so they learn how things should work.  How to LEAD.  And then they go back to China and continue the work of God.  It's incredible.  I wish I had time to tell the stories he told us.  It gave me CHILLS.

Here in the Puchong branch we have one member (a young single student) from Beijing who met missionaries in Hong Kong and was baptized.  She is the purest person I have ever known.  She is amazing.  She has another friend from China who is coming here in a few weeks, who said she really wants to learn about Jesus Christ.  Also tomorrow we have a first appointment with a girl from mainland China who wants to learn about Christ.  Most amazing people ever.  Like I said just now, it gives me chills. 

This is the work of GOD.  It amazes me every day.  I know it's true, I know it's real.  Jesus Christ lives. 

Sister Gopinath 

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