Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tinggi tinggi Gunung Kinabalu, tinggi lagi sayang sama kamu.

<(Editor's Note:   The post title means "Very high Mount Kinabalu, very high I love you.")

Hello!  This was a pretty fun week.  Lots of teaching appointments.  Oh and also Flower got baptized! It was great, but she was so nervous.  She was about to be baptized, but she instead waited in the bathroom for a minute (we all started wondering where she was) so I went into the bathroom to see if something was wrong, but I found that she was in there praying.  She told me she was too happy, she was on the verge of tears and afraid she would cry.  I told her not to be afraid but to go.  She did, and later she said that as soon as she went into the font, all of her nerves were gone and she was peaceful.  Her good friend that referred her was the one that baptized her.  It was a beautiful day.  Now she's made up her mind that she wants to bring her mom, so we're going to go meet her soon.  Yeah!!!  Flower is so solid.  She is the kind that's going to stay faithful to the end.  With huge miracles like Flower, I really feel like I didn't do anything.  I didn't expect that before my mission--for every miracle I experience, I never feel like it was me who did it (which, obviously it wasn't me).  I'm just so blessed that I was there to see it.

Oh,so really quick, remember how I was talking about not looking at the ground but at looking ahead as I walk?  Well a few days ago I just walked into someone's throw-up.  Gross for sure, but really funny.  I guess not looking at the ground has it's dangers, but I'm still not gonna stop looking people in the eyes. :)

So I was reading in the Teachings of George Albert Smith, there's this chapter about missionary work that was really touching.  It was said about him that although he was an apostle and later a prophet, it was apparent from being with him that he was first and foremost a missionary for His Lord.  He never missed an opportunity to share principles of the restored gospel with friends and strangers alike--he would talk religion with even a chimney sweep that came to his house.  It was said, "For him, that was the ultimate kindness, for the restored gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ was the most precious gift he had to give."  To me that was touching.  I need to have my heart always full of concern for others, and the Spirit of the Lord so the gospel really is always on the tip of my tongue.  I want to become like this as a person, not only as a missionary.  It really is the ultimate kindness, the most valuable thing we have, and the best thing we could offer to anyone. 

I'm realizing again and again how important humility is for me in all aspects of my life.  Everything goes smoother, when I have lowliness of heart.  If I am prideful in my heart, there's only room for me and things in front of me.  When I'm humble, only then is there enough space within me for the Spirit of God and the things of eternity.  Only then is my vision clear, and I have strength to put off the things of the world, obey God, love, and deal well with life's challenges. 

Also 2 Nephi 9 is a really cool chapter.

God lives, He is our Father.  I know that directly from Him.  The Book of Mormon is of God and is everything it claims to be.  I know that, as well, directly from Heavenly Father.  You can too (if you already know, you can know again) if you work for it.  And once we know truth, it's time to live it.  Let's go.

Sister Gopinath 

P.S. We (KK missionaries) are going to Sarawak (Bintulu) tomorrow for 2 days, for a Zone Conference with President Clark! :D  So excited!

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