Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Week IN KK

Hello!  It's been a good couple of days here.  Learning a lot of things that are hard to put into words... I feel like me getting a hold on things is almost within grasp... not that I've almost got it, but that I'm at the point where I can visualize myself "getting it."  Hahaha. It's progress, I promise.  Also probably means I'm due for a transfer sometime soon. :(

Something I can put into words... hmm.  Lately been trying to be more patient/not feel discouraged when people cancel their appointments.  MOST of the time these days, our appointments don't go through.  Everyone is flaky, and the non-flaky ones always have things come up last-minute.  It's easy to get discouraged, because there are days (like yesterday) when we have a full schedule, but it all falls apart at the very last minute so we just end up tracting instead (which is one of the least productive activities).  It's frustrating.  But I am learning patience.  Before the mission, I had no idea what the meaning of the word "patient" was, or how deep it went.  Patience and faith have been everything to me lately.  (Actually after I typed that last sentence, someone called and cancelled an important appointment we'd had for tonight.)  I'm trying to exercise faith (believe and act upon that belief) that there's still something important I'm here for.  We find people to teach, and they want and are interested, but other things come up and they say they don't have time/have to go somewhere else.  It really tests my patience.  But I feel like I'm slowly getting it.  I have to have faith that things are in the Lord's hands, that good things are to come, that he does have an important work for me to do here that maybe I just cannot see in the moment.

In a district meeting last week, Elder Petersen shared a talk with us--"Continue in Patience" by President Uchtdorf.  It was so good.  You should all read it.  One thing I really liked was it talked about patience not as a passive thing, but as an active "enduring well."  Continuing to press on, not standing still/waiting until the storm passes, but a determined continuing of the journey.  We must not only endure, but endure well.  President Uchtdorf says it better than me though, so you should just read it.  Here is the link:

Patience is a huge part of any happy/successful life, I think.  There are always things that try our patience--even if it is being patient with our own selves.  Luke 21:19 says "In your patience possess ye your souls."  Think about it... it's so very true.  Patient people have themselves.  Even when other things/trials are going on that could mess with them, as they endure well--with patience--they are blessed and strengthened.  Patience is powerful.  I think it helps us to learn more quickly what we were meant to learn from every trial we meet.

That's about it.  I love the Gospel, I know it's true.  I believe in continuing revelation, and thus, a true prophet of God that receives revelation from the Master Himself.  God always answers sincere prayers.  Keeping the commandments brings the blessings of Heaven.  I know that from experience.  Families are a gift from God and Jesus Christ has provided a way for us to make that precious unit everlasting.  For more information, visit  :)

Sister Gopinath

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