Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kota Kinabalu, Kentucky, and KFC

My time is already short on here, but guess what? Malaysia is incredible. The weather is hot, but it's great! Everyone is super friendly and generous. It's true, even if people don't have very much, they will share with you whatever they do have.

My companion Sister Wong  and I have been working hard. She is a really good missionary--good at talking to everyone --and I learn a lot from serving alongside her. 

As a zone in Sabah, with President Clark, we're hiking Mount Kota Kinabalu tomorrow! All day! It's going to be intense and beautiful up there. I'll be sure to take pictures.

The branch in KK is so wonderful! They are strong and very loving. I felt really welcomed. Something amazing to me is how excited the youth are about missionary work. People want to come out with us missionaries all the time! And everyone is planning for their mission--even all the girls are planning on it and want it. It's really valued and encouraged here, and people are excited about it in a way that I've never seen before. It's awesome.

KFC is super big here. They seem to think that "Kentucky" means breaded chicken--you can go to the store and get "Kentucky" flavored chicken seasoning. It's been funny to tell people that I live near Kentucky :) They get excited.

We've been praying a lot to find new investigators--we had a bunch, but they were all men so it was better for us to give them away to the Elders. We're doing a lot of contacting/invitations to learn/"Faith Finding." We talk to people on the bus, people we pass as we walk outside, we knock on people's doors. Later today we're meeting with someone we met outside of a hospital, and teaching him about his relationship to God, his Heavenly Father.

The other day we had a lesson with a recent convert named Ruby. Before the lesson, she fed us and showed us pictures of her baptism. There was one picture of her dressed in white, smiling and standing in front of a portrait of Jesus Christ. It was a really simple picture but the Spirit entered me heart and I felt His love for her. I felt that He knows her and loves her and truly suffered the price to redeem her. I saw her differently after that. It was really cool. The Lord really does know each one of us.

Something I've been thinking about is the importance of centering our thoughts on Christ. I think it's not even enough to focus our thoughts on other people, or on teaching skills. We need to keep focused on the Atonement of our Savior and His infinite love for us. That's what the entire Gospel is based on and a deeper understanding of that will move us to meaningful and effective action. It will help us to love and work hard and work with our heart. 

The gospel is true! It's filling the land! It's going forth and no unhallowed hand can stop it. It's cool and intimidating but mostly cool to be here.

My email next week will be even better, as I learn to better manage my email time. :) There's a lot more to tell that I didn't have time to. Remember who you are and that the Father of your spirit is GOD. You are a child of God! That's a BIG DEAL! You are destined for incredible things. I know this is real and true.

Sister Gopinath

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