Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Eagle has Landed!

Hey Mom and Dad!

So I survived the flight, made it to Singapore, and went contacting today! It's AWESOME!!! It's so clean and friendly and everything is shiny and pastel-colored. It feels like a dream or a theme park with a Singaporetheme--it's too cool to be real! Hopefully it will hit me soon. I can't believe I am on the other side of the world. It's so cool to me; I feel like a dork. Sister B and I went contacting really quick and some Elders took a video--I think they're going to make a DVD and send it to you, or something. There was this one girl who was sitting on a bench smoking, and we came up and started talking to her and when we told her we were missionaries, she discreetly threw her cigarette away. I asked her if she was interested in learning about the Gospel and she said it seemed good, so I gave her a Restoration pamphlet and referred her to It was awesome. We met a Buddhist guy from a small town in France who was super nice, and he said he would go to We also got hardcore rejected by this American girl. It was SWEET! Singapore is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! The buildings are incredible and the weather is actually great. So far I actually like it. It's humid and a little sweaty but it's pleasant for some reason. Maybe I'll change my mind later? :)

So my trainer is Sister W, and she seems to be the "favorite" Sister in the mission. She's everything a good missionary should be--I'm way blessed. Everyone loves her and she seems amazing. She's going home soon, so I'll be her last companion. I'm PUMPED.

My first area (I'll leave Singapore 24 hours from now) will be Kota Kinabalu--KK. It's in Sabah on Borneo, so North and as far from Singapore as Sisters go. They speak the most correct Malay there, and there is no air conditioning anywhere there. It's also the area where everyone wants to go to. Sister W, though, has only been there 3 weeks so she doesn't know the area well yet. We won't be biking, but will be using public transportation. It's going to be amazing. An Elder who just left told me about this solid investigator who's getting baptized in 10 days. I'm so pumped!!

I'm not sure what else to tell you other than I AM EXHAUSTED! Singapore time right now it's 7:30pm, and I woke up at 1:30am after sleeping roughly on a plane for 7 hours. I'm trying to survive. Oh and also President Clark is amazing! All the missionaries here are just so full of energy. It's incredible! And the senior couples too--the ones I've met--seem amazing as well! Ahh!

Oh also the first thing we did when we got to Singapore was go to Little India and eat lunch. I attached some pictures. THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST MISSION EVER!!!!! I love you all!!!! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!

Sister Gopinath

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