Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kota Kinabaluuuuuu!

Hey everyone!

Another crazy week in KK. It was a hard week, a lot of our new investigators have been disappointing and now we're back to the drawing board. One that I was really really excited about keeps sending his niece to answer the door and lie to us, telling us that no one is home, after we took a bus to come out to see him. It happened twice. Probably my least favorite thing in the world is when people lie to me. The first time we went to that house (it's the one with a pregnant wife), it was great. They were so nice and there was a good feeling in the home. Now when we have gone back for our appointments (that didn't happen), that good feeling isn't there anymore. It's a dark feeling. I hope they are okay. It makes me sad and hurt and confused. They don't realize what they're rejecting!! But apparently this has happens a lot to everyone on the mission. 

We got hardcore anti-ed the other day! We went to visit a less active member at her work, and found her sitting at a cafe with this guy so we went to talk to them. The guy found out we were LDS and started ripping on us. Gave this uncalled-for 10 minute monologue to us, basically. I could barely understand anything he was saying (I can't understand people when the Spirit isn't present--true story), but I felt dark. He was preaching false doctrine about our church to us. There was such a terrible dark feeling there, and I didn't even understand him but I knew what was going on. I didn't say anything to him--what he was saying didn't deserve a response. It's amazing! No other church is fought against so hard!! It's quite intimidating to be in this position of influence, the front lines of the church. We missionaries are often the first ones to be attacked. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints truly is led by Jesus Christ, and thus it is worth fighting against if you are on Satan's side. We are a threat to the adversary. It's actually quite cool. What I find funny is that anti-Mormons try to destroy our faith, but what really happens is that our faith is re-confirmed by the opposition. I KNOW that what I'm doing is right, what I'm doing is of God. It is beautiful and brings sweet joy and peace to the soul. The original Gospel of Jesus Christ can heal like NOTHING else can.

Okay, so here are some funny things about Malaysia: KFC is huuuge here. Everyone loves KFC, and KFC here has rice and I think it even has curry. It's awesome. I've been telling people that I live near Kentucky in the US... but to them, Kentucky isn't a place, but a flavor of chicken. :)hahaha!

The members here call me Sister Gopi, and are amazed at how long my nose is.

The other night, Sister Wong and I were knocking doors. There were some Muslim kids riding their bikes, and one of them said "Hi, Miss!" as we passed them. I said hi back. He kept riding his bicycle, and I walked away. Thirty seconds later, I hear, "ORANG PUTIH!!!!" from the distance, which is what he was really thinking. Translated into English, he yelled, "WHITE PERSON!!!!"

One of our progressing investigators, Martin, is so awesome. He is already keeping the Word of Wisdom (a huge problem for 98% of Malaysians) because his LDS cousin, who he lives with, mentioned it. He is so willing to do anything asked of him. He is so accepting of everything we teach him, and he wants to understand. He is hungry to know God, and he is taking action to get himself there. He's a way good example. He's 20 years old and lives with his grandma, cousin, and mom--his mom is the only non-member. He's got great support in his grandma and cousin. He's gonna go FAR. He's so awesome. Hooray for priesthood holders!!! (The branch currently has less than 10.)

It's really hard not being able to teach Muslims! Yesterday I was on the bus, and I was talking to this Buddhist lady and telling her how I was a volunteer for a Christian church. This Muslim lady sitting in front of us turned around and told the Buddhist lady, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." She knew the name of the church. She was so nice and interested in me, and already knew who I was... and I really couldn't share anything with her. It was sad! She totally would have met with us and listened. This happens pretty often. Muslims are SO NICE. They're such good people. Unfortunately in Malaysia, the best we can do is plant seeds by being kind. Someday that law will change... someday.

Malaysia is great. Missionary work is hard but it's gonna be worth it. The Lord loves us. We can and should be receiving personal revelation every single day--God answers prayers. He sends His Spirit. Even if the answer won't come for a while, if you pray sincerely, the Spirit will come and help you know that your Heavenly Father heard what you told him, and is doing all he can. Pray from your heart, pray with faith that He hears you, because He does. I bear testimony of that. God lives.

 I've been thinking today about how expensive the Atonement was. The justice of God is harsh and unforgiving, because the Kingdom of God would cease to be the Kingdom of God if ANYTHING dirty entered into it. Even one sin disqualifies us for returning to live with Heavenly Father. When we make excuses for our sins, we deny the justice of God. We need the Savior. Jesus Christ suffered the eternal price of each sins! The price was SO terrible and so painful. The price was the Spirit of a God. It was enough to completely and totally satisfy the harsh demands of justice, and through the Atonement of Christ, we have access to mercy. Because of what Christ did, if we forsake our sins by repenting, we can be made clean because Christ paid for those sins. So incredible. We need to use that Atonement, so that mercy has claim on us. Repentance is such a VITAL and precious and expensive gift. Given out of pure and perfect love. Alma 42:29-31.

 I bear my witness that the Atonement is real and that Christ lives.

Love you all!
Sister Gopinath

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