Monday, August 22, 2011

Here is my "I am alive" letter.

Here is my "I am alive" letter.

Dear Family, 8/17/11, 10:07 pm

I made it through day one at the MTC! I am so tired I can hardly think. Next time I leave on a mission, I'm going to bed early...but I learned a lot today! Heavenly Father is so kind to me. Whenever I was in class or anything, I was able to pay full attention. I got a lot out of today.

Malay is going to be a really fun language! Our first language class was right when we got here, and our teachers wouldn't teach English. It was crazy! They just kept talking to us and trying to get us to understand. And they made us respond in Malay. I said "Nama saya Sister Gopinath" so many times today. It was awesome though, I couldn't stop smiling. We have such a cool opportunity.

One amazing story was that my teach was talking about something and I had no idea what it was; I wasn't even trying to understand. I was just listening and getting a feel for the sound of the words. But then as he was talking, suddenly I felt the Spirit really strong. I still didn't know the words he was saying, but I knew that he had begun to bear his testimony. I felt him testify of Jesus Christ, the Restoration, and he said that God would help us learn the "bahasa malayu," the Malay language. It was a really neat spiritual experience. The gospel is completely true. God is real. The Holy Ghost testifies of truth even when I don't know the words being used to share truth. The gospel stands on its own.

I have 2 companions, Sister and Sister W. We get along really well. Sister W is 23 and is from Idaho and is very friendly and logical. Sister B is newly 21, from southern Utah, and is the sweetest sister missionary I've ever met. I'm excited about being their companion.

The time is short. I will email you all soon. P-day is Tuesday, I think.

I love you all! I am doing well, no emotional problems or anything. I wasn't even nervous. I'm gonna work really hard. I am happy, I smiled all day.

Again, I love you. I will write more later.
The gospel is true!

Sister Gopinath

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